New Designers Day One

Day one of the show: So the University of Brighton 3D Design stand is finished and we’ve opened shop today. We completed the build yesterday evening after some frayed tempers and minor setbacks but it looks brilliant and is very different to the other stalls at the show. This first day (Wednesday) has been extremely long, we started at 9am and weren’t out until after 9pm, as we had the judges coming round in the morning and early afternoon and then it was press o’clock from 3, lots of hovering near our work, smiles and in depth explanations.

There hasn’t been much chance to have a wander about yet but the little that I have seen is really interesting. The nearest stalls to us are Northumbria University and The Cass. It’s an interesting mix of work, ours being a mix of conceptual mental bits, The Cass full of woodwork and furniture bits and Northumbria with a selection similar to The Cass but more product/design like, less craft. And we figured we were right next to both the cocktail bar and the awards ceremony! Result.

The private view was fun, Absolut is one of the sponsors so there was a queue a mile long for their three freebie drinks, original vodka and cranberry (the best one), mango vodka and apple and raspberry vodka and lemonade. Yum. There was also the various awards. Unfortunately our lot didn’t win anything this year but it was an interesting evening, there was a talk from Dick Powell of SeymourPowell design consultants (I was a teeny bit disappointed as there were rumors it was going to be Sir Terence Conran presenting) and it didn’t drag on which is always good. No Oscars style acceptance speeches. And although alot of the winners’ work weren’t my kind of thing (more on this to follow) congratulations to them all anyway.

Post shmoozing we were fairly sedate, a few drinks at the pub and then home, Ihink the 8am start the day before finished every one off. It opens proper like tomorrow so we all need a good night’s sleep before we meet our adoring public.

New Designers is on Thursday, Friday and Saturday so do come and visit. We’re at stand number FP34 at the back of the mezzanine so come and say hi. Below is a picture of the whole crew post set up. Happy and knackered. See you at the show.



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