Pippa Smart-Pip project


Pippa Smart is a coursemate who’s edible (ish) project has intrigued me from the very beginning of the year. She describes her degree show projects as the products of considering overlooked and undervalued resources. One of her projects is about re using waste expanded polystyrene to make new and interesting products from glasses frames to chip forks. However it is her other project, “Pip Project” that tickled my fancy.

England once had a rich history in orchard fruit growing, there are over 2,000 varieties of apples in England yet just two varieties, Gala and Braeburn dominate almost half the market and we also, for some weird reason, import apples! One of the organisations reviving this lost orchard culture is the Brighton Permaculture, Pippa spent her weekends volunteering for them.

During these weekend visits she collected waste apple pulp from their juicing operations and turned it into apple leather, yes you can create leather from apples, which she has then turned into a series of bowls. Which you can eat! However I tried the apple leather in a tutorial and lets just say its chewy, very very chewy. You could even say like leather…


As I’m a big fan of the current issue manifested in 3D objects especially food issues, and I like apples, hence the interest in Pippa’s project. It’s a edible way to highlight the loss of a cultural heritage as well as an awful lot of apple varieties. I hope this project will help promote the Brighton Permaculture Trust and make people more aware of what we are losing in our never ending desire for uniformity in taste and appearance when it comes to food. I’m sure there are some slightly more knobbly and knarly varieties of apples that taste amazing! I think I’m going to steer clear of eating the apple leather again but I may drag boyfriend on a trip up to the Trust and taste some of their juice and learn about apple. Sounds like an interesting Sunday…