One Show Brighton

Exhibition of second year 3D Design and 3D Materials Practice work at the One church in Brighton. Was a lovely, different group of people from across the two courses and a weird but wonderful setting in a baptist church in the middle of town. With a swimming pool in it (baptism pool thingy). It was a great show made better by me not bursting intro flames as I approached the church which was a relief as a raging atheist.

I exhibited my lonely bench from first term of second year and a bicycle repair stool I made in first year.


The ‘Lonely Bench’

“A UK study entitled The Lonely Society? found that as a nation 11% of us felt lonely while 48% thought we are getting lonelier in general. Perhaps this is due to the increasingly isolated lifestyles we are leading, with longer working hours and more time spent on social networking sites? This bench seeks to combat this loneliness, encouraging conversation and interaction between two people. It is impossible to be comfortable or stable when sitting on it alone so you must find another person to share with so by working together you may both enjoy your moments rest.”


The stool I exhibited was from a first year project in wood, the brief was to create a functional stool no bigger that 50cm cubed using one hardwood, one softwood and one manufactured board. I made a bicycle repair stool, the slot in the seat is for your wheel to rest in as you tinker and the seat itself is reminiscent of a bicycle saddle.


The private view was a great evening with even greater canapes and wine. Many thanks to the One Church, Saskia and all the crew who displayed their work. 


Me on my bench, I was the only one allowed to touch the work 😉


Sugar Light

The final project from my first year was eat+design. The brief was literally eat+design and we had to come up with a design and prototype from the title. The majority of students in my class looked into food storage and products for eating, dining, food etc. I was one of the few who actually made a product out of food. Specifically a light from sugar (well with some aluminum, plywood, steel wire and acrylic…).

I originally started off by experimenting with jelly, melting various soft sweets such as gummy bears, haribo mixtures and making my own agar jelly.

Agar Jelly- tastes disgusting, has a watery texture and disintegrates very quickly.

Gummy Bear Blog- Great colour but literally stuck to everything and took a paint scraper to get off the kitchen surfaces

Hartley’s Jelly- Best light refraction out of all the tests but another gooey melting mess.

However the best result was from hard crack candy/sugar. Boiled sweets basically.

The idea was to buy the lamp base with two looped top rods and a recipe for creating your own shade for the lamp. It’s therefore a customizable, playful object that you can create at home.

The recipe I used for the final result I have annoyingly lost but these recipes also served me well…

Surprisingly easy to make however you will need a jam thermometer and be warned hot boiled sugar burns really really hurt!